Immigration Lunch Conversation with Noel Castellanos

18 Mar 2017
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
The Brick Room

Immigration Lunch Conversation with Noel Castellanos

Special Event for Pastors & Ministry Leaders. Separate Registration Needed. Limited Spots.

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The last 3 months have been very challenging for our communities. Our uncertain national immigration situation has directly impacted the emotional health of our families. Fresno and the Central Valley is uniquely impacted because of our role in growing, harvesting and shipping our food to the country and the very workforce that the agricultural sector relies on are the families most impacted by what our federal government will do. What’s the role of the Church in all this? Where does Christian Community Development play a role in this?

Join us for lunch as a select group of pastors and ministry leaders gather to engage in conversation with CCDA President Noel Castellanos on the topic of immigration and how the Church can speak into turbulent times such as this.

Hosted by Dina Gonzalez-PiƱa, Artie Padilla, Randy White, and Alan Doswald